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Candy Hearts – Maybe chords

Candy Hearts
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Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -   x02220
D -   xx0232
F#m - 244222
Bm -  x24432
E -   022100

Intro: A-F#m--A--D--F#m-A--

Verse 1:
AThe way you hold your cigarette
DLike it is a habit you're not
F#m Asure you, I sure hold on to
AThe way I hold my shoulder slow
Dand weight around for you to call
F#m Anot have much to hold on to
D ABut you could hold on to
E Ame like a bad habit
D AI could hold on to
D Dyou like you're good for
D F#mme, you could hold on to
E Ame like a bad habit
Dyou might just proved
Bm A-- me wrong, We'll see Verse 2:
AI bite my nails but
not my tounge
DI get nervous and
say too much I'm
F#m Atrying to be better
Ato not call you
everytime I drink
Da sad excuse to say
F#mthe things you
Anever said to me
Chorus 2:
D ABut I will hold on
E Ato you like a bad habit
D AYou could pretend that
EI'm someone that you want
A F#m EI will hold on to you
Alike a bad habit
DI might just proved
Bmyou wrong but
Aprobbly not
D F#mYou might just proved
Bmme wrong but
D A(hold)probably not
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