Canterbury – Hospital chords

Hey because I can't stop playing their songs. they're awesome !!



AI can't breathe a whisper,
F#m Which is why this rooms so loud,
AAnd I can't make my bed,
F#mBut I'm made to lie in it alone,
AAnd maybe, you'll come here to visit,
F#mAnd you can sit and watch me sleep,
AAnd we can talk of what you will,
F#mBut I'll miss the point 'cause all I have are dreams,
A F#m DI-I-I've been asleep with the lights on, For days on end now,
A F#m DAnd I-I-I should've listened to someone, who could see this happening
A E D EWon't you mend my broken head?
A F#m D EIf I wake up, will your face fill this room?
VERSE 2 (same as verse 1) I can't make it out yet, But your voice sounds sweeter than it ever did, Did I just hear you leaving? Or have I been alone a while? Maybe you'll come here to visit, And your luck just might be in, But it would be false hope, if any, And I would'nt want to waste your time.
Bridge : A - F#m (x8)Ba-Ba-Oooooh (various times)
A F#mAnd I've been, plugged into machines at the side of the bed,
DWoke up from a dream could've sworn I was dead,
EAnd how long has it been because I miss you to death?
AA miracle or so they say (x6)
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