Sure Nuff N Yes I Do tab with lyrics by Captain Beefheart - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Captain Beefheart – Sure Nuff N Yes I Do tab

I play this with slide, but you can also do it without. I'm pretty sure the original is 
played on a slide guitar, and thus, in an open tuning but this is as close as you can 
get with a normal tuning.

INTRO:e|----------------/5-----|B|----------------/5-----|G|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|A|------0-/3--0----------|E|---/3------------------| repeat twice.
"Well I was born in the desert came on up from New Orleans Came up on a tornado sunlight in the sky"
e|----------------------------------|B|----/7-----5-5--------------------|G|----/7-----5-5--------------------|D|----/7-----5-5----2-2-2-2--2---2--|A|------------------0-0-3~0--0-0-0--|E|-----------------------------3~---| repeat twice
"I went around all day with the moon sticking in my eye"e|--------------------------------------------------------|B|----/9-9-----/7-/5-/3-----------------------------------|G|----/9--9-9--/7-/5-/3-----------------------------------|D|----/9---9---/7-/5-/3---------(2)--(2)--(2)--(2)---0-0--|A|-----------------------------0----0----0-----0----------|E|---------------------------/5---/3---/2----/1---0-------|
...and that concludes the basic chord structure of the whole song. I might do some additional stuff later. you're welcome :) tabbed by vagelier
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