Cara Dillon – Spencer The Rover chords

First submission so be generous! Tried to find the chords for this version but 
only came across John Martyn's rendition. As lovely as it is, it's not quite this 
The chord pattern is the same the whole way through so I'll only include one 
verse, but you literally just play the same thing throughout the whole song. Seth 
Plays this on a tenor guitar, so this is different to what he plays, but works 
through the whole song. 90% sure this is correct.

Capo 1

A Dsus2 EThis tune was composed by Spencer the Rover
A Dsus2 EAs valiant a man that had ever left home
Bm A Dsus2 EFor had been much reduced and this caused great confusion
A Dsus2 EAnd that was the reason he started to rove
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