Carbon Leaf - Nowadays tab

Tuning: Standard

      h - hammer on 
      p - pull off 
      b - bend string up
     pm - palm muting
      / - slide up
      \ - slide down

Intro and Verse:

G C F F# Ge-------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------|G------------0---------4p2p0---0----5-5-----------------------|D-------0-0-----0-0----------4---0--5-5-------3-------3--4--5-|A-----------------------------------3-3--5h3-----5----3--4--5-|E--2h3------------------------------------------------1--2--3-| pm________|
Chorus: B E A G Na-na-now, we live it up lonely, but anyhow B E A G I'll not complain, nowadays, but anyways B E A G Na-na-Now, we live it up lonely, high on the bow B E A Mice in a maze, nowadays Bass, but can be played on guitar:
Guitar Part Before Last Verse
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