Cardigans – Overload chords

Eb Cmoverload, oh what a match we are!
Bbas we romance along
Ab (Bb)towards the firescape
Ebopen fire
Cmforever in your arms
Bbsplendid time we have
Abdoing what i dread
Bb 7 Bboh my lord
Ab /C (Bb, Eb)can i buy some time
Ebi'm learning to dance
Ab (Bb, Eb)i'm dancing, ok?
Eb Cmoverlord, lord of the underworld
Abas we twist and twirl
Ebhot and dry
Cmhigh in my cloven heels
Bbthis is how real love feels
Abas we prance and die
Bb 7 Bboh my lord
Ab /Csuch a fancy fire
Ebas we dance
Abyou sure can dance
Abdance dance
Abyou i will never forget
Bb Abi hope you'll remember me later
Ab we're swimming in a puddle of sweat
Bb Abi'm hot baby, don't burn your fingers
Abi'm tenderly served on your plate
Fm F Ebthe band must continue to play
Ebso we can dance
Bb Ab i love to dance, baby dance with me
mellanspel (Bb, Eb)
Ebyeah, i can dance
Abto love is to dance
Ab (Bb, Eb)now dance me home
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