Cardigans – Sick Tired tab

			     SICK & TIRED - The Cardigans
I saw, there is a real cardigan's classic missing.
Hope, chords are all right and you'll enjoy (it's a bit tricky, but you'll see)!

Tabbed by: De Selby

Tuning: standard

Intro: Em Em7 F# B e|---7----7----2---(2)-|B|---8----8----2----4--|G|---9----7----3----4--|D|---9----9----4----4--|A|---7----7----4----2--|E|---x----x----2----x--|
Verse: Em Emmaj7 F# Be|---7----7-------2---(2)-|B|---8----8-------2----4--|G|---9----8-------3----4--|D|---9----9-------4----4--|A|---7----7-------4----2--|E|---x----x-------2----x--|
Bridge: Em D/Ee|---7----x---|B|---8----7---|G|---9----7---|D|---9----7---|A|---7----7---|E|---x----x---|
Chorus: Am D G Em D7 C Be|---0----2----3----0----2----0---(2)--|B|---1----3----3----0----1----1----4---|G|---2----2----0----0----2----0----4---|D|---2----0----0----2----0----2----4---|A|---0----x----2----2----x----3----2---|E|---x----x----3----0----x----x----x---|
Intro (Em, Em7, F#, B) Em Emmaj7 Em Verse sick, tired and homeless F# B with no one here to sing for Em Emmaj7 Em tired of being weightless F# B for all these looking good boys Bridge (Em, D/E, Em, D/E, Em) Am D G Em Chorus you can always say my attic has its charm Am D G Em you can always say you did no major harm Am D D7 Em D you can always say that summer had its charm G C Am and that you did no major harm D G B oh, spare me if you please Verse sick, tired and sleepless with no one else to shine for sick of all my distress but i won't show i'm still poor
Solo: Am D G Em e|---------------------------------------10--7-8----7----------------|B|----------------------10-787-------------------10---8-10-7-787-----|G|----------------7------------7---7-9---------------------------7---|D|-------------9----9------------9---------------------------------7-|A|-------7-10--------------------------------------------------------|E|---7-8-------------------------------------------------------------|
Am D G Eme|--------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------8-7---8-7---8-7---------------8-7---8-7----------|G|---7----7--------7-----7---------7----7--------7---------7----|D|-9----9----9-----------------7-9----9----9-----------7-9---9--|A|--------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
Am D Chorus2 symptoms are so deep G Em something here's so wrong Am D nothing is complete G Em nowhere to belong Am D symptoms are so deep G Em Am i think i'd better stay here on my own D G B so spare me if you please ===============================================================================
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