Carey Mariah - Honey tab

Honey by the hush sound
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F-003211 or you can barre it regularly w.e u want


Am  Am/G  Dsus4/F#  F  E

Am  Am/G  Dsus4/F#  F  E (do this twice

Spin your body around
Now your feet are gonna hit the ground
I am going sleepless
And you're out of lullabies

Pre Chorus
Am G D x2

Honey, honey, honey
You're the death of me
Won't stop holding my hands down

*(here its this: Am G C D7)
Baby, baby, baby  
You never let me...

F Dm Am7 x2
You've got a dark heart
You've got a cold kiss

Am  Am/G  Dsus4/F#  F  E
You want my love, my love
My love (You want my love)

do this pattern for the second verse nd prechorus nd chorus. then comes this bridge part

Gm F C Dm C Bb x2

Always turning back to you
'Till you never let me down
Loving your illusion
Staring at a crooked crown

***(then it changes )
Gm Dm F C x2
(Ah ah ah ah)
You always let me down
(Ah ah ah ah)
You always let me down
(Ah ah ah ah)

Gm F E E7
You always let me down
(Ah ah ah ah)

then chorus again and tada you have the chords=]
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