Carl Barat - France chords

This is the version of Carl's live from Rolling Stone Performance, interesting 
because, in despite of the easy way to play the song, you get a remarkable effect. 
I placed the chords thinking about the vocals; if you listen to this version of 
the song you can understand what I'm talking about.


Intro: Bm G Em F#

Bm GThe ideal girl in London from France
EmCame over then left me
F#She left me entranced
F# Bm GNow I have to get by once again on my own
Em F#Nothing but memories
Bm GSo I remember your eyes that unique shade of brown
Em F#While these blue eyes of mine they stay closed
BmI kissed you goodbye
G Em F#On the M109 I choked as I watched the bus go
Bm GI'm choking and smoking to your angelic soul
Em F#I'm choking and smoking myself into a hole
Bm GWhere the only way out is to sleep and to dream
Em F#And to cry out your name.
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