Carlos Santana – The Sensitive Kind chords

Artist: Carlos SantanaSong: The Sensitive KindAlbum: Zebop tabbed by: RavindraE-mail:
Intro: Cm/Fm/Gm/Fm/G#/Gm/Fm-Cm
CmDon't take her for granted, she had
Cma hard time
Fm Don't misunderstand her or play
Cmwith her mind
CmTreat her so gently, it will pay you
Fmin time
Gm Fm You've gotta know she's the
Cmsensitive kind
(repeat the same chords & keep the same rythm) Tell her you love her each and every night You will discover she will treat you right If you believe, I know you will find There ain't nothin' like the sensitive kind
solo: Cm/Cm/Fm/Cm/Cm/Fm/Gm-Fm/Cm (repeat twice,the solo uses the same chords as the verses, I'll post the solo tab later on)
( again repeat the same chords) She gets so lonely waitin' for you You are the only thing to help her through Don't take her for granted She has a hard time You got to know she's the sensitive kind You got to know she's the sensitive kind
Chords used Cm Fm Gm G#e:-8----8----10---11---|B:-8----9----11---13---|G:-8----10---12---13---|D:-10---10---12---13---|A:-10---8----10---11---|E:-8----8----10---11---|
that's it, let me know how you all find it. contact me for any corrections, or tips etc. everything is welcome. do rate
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