Carlos Santana - Smooth chords version 1

Ok so I love playing this song, its allot of fun. This song is NOT easy to play 
correctly because of how its played.  Its what's called Vamp, a spanish style i 
believe from Cuba. so ill try to explain it best as i can. another reason it can 
be hard is because of the polyrhythm between the lyrics and the chords. if ya got 
any questions ask

Tabbed by:Sparky


Am Dm E7 Dm Bb𝇉e|-----------------------------| |-----------------------------|B|-------5------6------5-----5-| |------6--------------3----5--|G|-------5------7------7-----7-| |------7--------------2----7--|D|-------7------7------6-----6-| |------7--------------3----6--|A|----------5------7------7----| |--5-------5--5-4-2------7----|E|-0-5-------------------------|x2 |-----------------------------|
Am Dm E7Man its a hot one
Am Dm E7Like seven inches from the midday sun
Dm Bb𝇉I hear you wisperin the words that melt every one
E7But you stay so cool
Am Dm E7My muñequita
Am Dm E7My spanish harlem mona lisa
Dm Bb𝇉Beyond my reason for reason
E7The step in my grove yeah
(chorus) Oh and if you say
Am E7This life aint good enough Id give
Am E7My world to lift you up i could change
Am E7 Dm Bb𝇉 My life to better suite your mood
E7Cuz your so smooth
Oh and its
Am E7Its just like the ocean under the moon
Am E7The same as the emotion that i get from you
Am E7 You got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth yeah
Dm E7Give me your heart make it real
N/COr else forget about it
(verse) I'll tell you one thing If you would leave it'd be a cryin shame Cuz with every breath and every word I hear your name callin me..OUT! Im from the barrio You hear my rhythm on your radio You feel the turnin of the world So soft and so totally... ROUND! and round (chorus) (solo/intro) (chorus) (chorus) N/C= No Chord Bb𝇉= Bb 1\2 diminished
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