Carly Simon – Three Days tab


Three Days from Anticipation - 1971

A                         A7
If I have known you only three days
      D                E         F#m
Then how will I remember you in ten?
D                  E             A7
But I could swear I'll love you always
D                      C#m       
And if the Gods will please be kind
F#m        E                D
Darling, I'll be with you soon
Soon again

A                               A7
And on the road you have some good times
     D                E           F#m   D
But when the show is over you go home
          E             A7
And it hurts me so to leave you behind
     D             C#m   F#m 
And Lord I feel lonesome
          F              D 
Lonesome for the you I might have known
might have known

A                         A7
You'll be in L.A. in the morning
D       E              F#m        
And I'll be in London by sundown
But when I sing
     E                   A7
My song is filled with longing
          D                  E
And the memory of your last look
    F#m                   E
The way you took me by suprise
         D                            A
And the way you turned my head around
         D                            A
And the way you turned my head around

Bm7   Amaj7  Gm7   A
Oooooooo  Oooooooooooo
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