Carola – Find My Way To Bethlehem chords

Em                           B       BmThe lights are slowly fading
                           A        CBut  do not fear the dark
                                G        AmMy faith is never dying
                                           BCause with you I place my heart
Em                         B              BmAlong the road I’m walking
                             A              CTo you I turn my prayers
                              G             Am                           Among all voices talking
                              B                  Eits yours the one I hear
                       Am             EI will find my way to Bethlehem
                        Am                          EFollowing the star like the three wise men
                         Am                EI can hear you calling out my name
                          AmAnd I know I’ll never be the same
                  E                    Bm   Cause I know Cause I know
         C       Am              E          your love can set us free
                 Bm  C     Am            E     E     And I know that old Bethlehem’s for me
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