Carrie Hope Fletcher – Together chords

Em GGoing strong
DHolding on to
Am Em ‘Tomorrow’s gonna be a better day’
GWhen it comes,
Dthere’s no sun
Am Emjust another slightly different shade of grey
GThough we are hurt and
Dwe are bruised,
Am Emwe won’t give up this fight we’re in with you
Gso beat us down
Dand break our bones
Am Em Am D Em Am Dwe know we’re not alone
Em C Em Raise your voices to the sky and
C Ghold your heads up high
D Em Dwe meant it when we said forever,
Em C Em Raise your hearts up to the sun watch
C Gthousands become one lets
D Em Dfinish this the way we’ve begun
Em C G DTogether
Take a leaf from my book your never gonna get a second look unless you scream unless you shout and sing until your voice is giving out take a stand i’m a right behind you and i’m never gonna let you fall take my hand I’ll always find you I’ll be here through it all Chorus
Em CTogether’s where we started
G Dwe’ll be fine if we’re not parted,
Em Cdon’t give up and don’t give in
Am Ddon’t you stop we’ve got a fight to win
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