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Cary Judd – Never Let You Go chords

This should be pretty close.

Chords Used: (not 100% sure on the names)

       G     Dadd9/F#   Cadd9    Emsus?     EmAdd9

e |----3-------3---------3---------3----------3--------|b |----3-------3---------3---------3----------3--------|g |----0-------2---------0---------0----------0--------|d |----0-------0---------2---------2----------2--------|a |----2-------0---------3---------0----------2--------|E |----3-------2---------X---------X----------0--------|
***Capo 3*** Intro: G Dadd9/F# Cadd9 Verse 1: G Dadd9/F# Cadd9 I saw her face in the clouds before the rain it felt good to see you again G Dadd9/F# Cadd9 then it all washed away, I can't explain how I've missed you Chorus: G Dadd9/F# If I'd only known, how much this would hurt Cadd9 how I would be craving to be in your world G Dadd9/F# if id only known you'd be stuck in my mind Cadd9 Id get down on my knees and crawl back to your side Emsus? Cadd9 (No Chord/Silence) now I know............ shoulda never let you go. Verse 2: I heard your voice in the wind, through the trees begging me not to leave I can't tell what is real or make believe how I need you (Chorus) Bridge: G Emadd9 Cadd9 (No Chord) A moment in your arms.. could take us back right to the start (Chorus) This last chorus is played up a full step (I think...) but I just play it the same.
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