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Casey Donahew Band – Cant Go Back tab


E (hammer) 

               A                    E 
My best friend Junior, he lives two trailers down 
         B            A        B         E 
His wife MaryLou she runs the Caberet in town 
           A                          E   B    C#5 
They've got two kids, and they dont look like him 
       B                     A                  B      A     E 
He's a tractor tech, he's a redneck, now he's gettin drunk again 

                    E (hammer)                    A 
I'm talkin bout the good times, drinkin down the bad 
          E                  B                    A 
Tryin to remember all those crazy nights that we had 
 B        E             A 
Now I'm empty, I'm not sad 
                E          B                  E 
Talkin bout the good times, drinkin down the bad 
              A                       E 
Miss Sara Ann Bakersmith, she was my girlfriend 
           B               A           B      E 
I took her top off for the first time at the drive-in 
               A                       E     B   C#5 
You know those had to be the coolest things I'd seen 
        B                    A                            B        A      E 
She was passed around like a bottle of crown, but she was always sweet to me 


Verse 3 
              A                          E 
Now Junior's Junior's kid, you know they call him "The Duece" 
        B                  A     B      E 
And his grandma she drinks vodka in her orange juice 
          A                      E     B        C#5 
She sells pot to kids, and she just got out of jail 
       B               A                     B         A         E 
Junior had to sell his new John-boat just to help to raise the bail 



Verse 4 
              A                        E 
Now my name's Carl Wayne, I've had two DUI's 
       B              A      B       E 
Three years ago they took my license I dont drive 
            A                              E    B    C#5 
These boots can get me there, I live just down the street 
    B                  A                  B        A    E 
Its last call, its too far to crawl, now help me to my feet 

                     E           B                   E  
Just talkin bout the good times, drinkin down the bad 
                 E         B    A B E 
Talkin bout the good times
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