Casey Donahew Band - Movin On chords

ATwo packs a day and a smoker's cough
EShe told me quit and I flipped her off
BEverybody thinks they know whats best for me
A EThey're all too blind to see that I walk alone
AA squealin tires and a door slam
EShe's drunk again, I don't give a damn
BEverybody's got their own cross to bear
A EStop acting like I should care, cause I don't condone
B Now it's judgement day, I got the devil to pay
A EAnd I'm riding shotgun down a burning highway tonight
BI'm searching for a state of execution
A EMaybe just an ounce of absolution to make things right
BAnd if I'm high, I'm elevated
A EI'm not worn, I'm a little faded but I'm not gone
B AAnd if I had it my way, I'd find me another day to say
EI'm moving on
Solo I kicked the hinge right off the door Shattered glass across the floor An old syringe and a bag of pills That's where she finds her thrills But I think she's lost And I dont have any regrets But I'm not finished yet Bloodshot eyes and whiskey breath Some things are worse than death But I hate the cost Chorus Watch me--I'm moving on... Solo Chorus
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