Cassadee Pope – Over You chords

This is based on Ver 4 Chords for Maranda Lamberts version of "Over You" submitted by
cristytwilight. She did a great job with it.  I merely transposed the key and changed to
what I thought worked with Cassadee's version from iTunes.  I also was able to modify 
the intro but I'm not good enough at picking to figure out the other picking parts Cristy had
so I deleted them.


*The (B)'s are walk ups (A string 2nd fret)to the C.



Intro picking-e|----------3-----------------------3--------------|B|----0-1-3-------0-1-3-------0-1-3----0-0-1-3-----|G|----------------------2----------------------2---|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
OR Strum G C G Dsus4 x2
G C G Dsus4Weather man said, its gonna snow
G C G Dsus4 -onceBy now I should, be used to the cold
G C G Dsus4Mid February shouldn't be so scary
G CIt was only December
G Dsus4I still remember
Am G C Cadd9 -onceThe presents... the tree... you and me
G Dsus4 But you went away
AmHow dare you?
(B) C G I miss you
Dsus4They say I'll be okay
Am (B)But I'm not going to,
C -onceEver get over you
G C G Dsus4 x2
G C G Dsus4Living alone, here in this place
G C G Dsus4 -onceI think of you, and I'm not afraid
G C G Dsus4Your favorite records make me feel better
G C'Cause you sing along
G Dsus4With every song
Am G C Cadd9 -onceI know you didn't, mean, to give them, to me
G Dsus4 But you went away
AmHow dare you?
(B) C G I miss you
Dsus4They say I'll be okay
AmBut I'm not going to,
CEver get over you
Am* G*It really sinks in, ya know,
C* Cadd9*When I see it, in stone
G Dsus4 Cause you went away
Am (B) CHow dare you? I miss you
G Dsus4 They say I'll be okay
Am (B) C -onceBut I'm not going to, Ever get over you
G C G Dsus4 G C G D -once Ever get over you
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