Casting Crowns – Spirit Wind chords

All I did was take what he said and put it to text.

Casting Crowns plays on Capo 4, but I play on Capo 3 for singing reasons.
G* = G chord with walking down to Em.
D* = D chord with Dsus4 thrown in there a couple times.

Intro: Em C G* Em C G


Em C G*Ezekiel stared down into the valley
Em C D*Filled with dry bones baking in the sun
Em C GRemains that used to be a mighty army
C D EmTo him, it looked like their fighting days were done
Em C G*But driven by a calling on his life
Em C D*He spoke God's words, the bones began to shake
Em C GHe stared wide-eyed as the flesh began to form
C DAnd as he prophesied to the wind
CThe soldiers began to wake
G Am CAnd the Lord sent His wind into the valley
Em C DAnd breathed the breath of life into their souls
G Am CAnd raised them again a mighty army
D Em CFor soon these arisen warriors will battle again
C EmFor they have been filled with the Spirit Wind
C G D Em C G D EmWoah, woah, woah...
Em C G*A pastor stands before his congregation
Em C D*Once a mighty army for the Lord
Em C GBut now he stares into the lifeless eyes
C AmBelievers leading carnal lives
D EmHe wonders what they're fighting for
Em C G*But driven by a calling on his life
(F#) Em C DHe spoke God's word like he'd done a hundred times before
Em C GBut this time he comes broken and weeping
C DWith tears of a broken heart
CAnd he cries out to the Lord
Chorus BRIDGE:
C G D EmHoly Spirit, breathe on me
C G DBreathe Your life in me
[x4] Chorus Romans 10:13
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