Casting Crowns - Glory chords

Glory - Casting Crowns

E . . . C#m . . . D2 . . . D2 . . . (play 3x)

E You are holy in this place
DYou are worthy of my praise and we worship you
A2 Jesus we Worship You
E Youíre the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
E D2Youíre the Master of the universe
(D2) Youíre the ruler of all nations
A2 E A2 And we sing to You, sing to You
(on repeat got to chorus before E chord) Chorus:
D F#m EWhen You call my name, Iíll run to You
D F#m E Iíll do anything You ask me to
D F#m A DFalling on my knees I worship You, my Lord
A E C#m7 D2 We give You GLORY
A E C#m7 D2 We give You GLORY
E Alle Alleluia!
D Alle Alleluia! X3
E C#m7 Alle Alleluia!
D2 A2 Alle Alleluia! X2
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