Cat Power - Crying Waiting Hoping chords

lovely cover by the always soulful and amazing Cat Power!
this song is best performed acoustically, in standard

the chords used are:

A D Eme- -0- -2- -x-b- -2- -3- -x-g- -2- -2- -1-d- -2- -0- -2-a- -0- -x- -2-E- -x- -x- -0-
A D EmCrying, waiting, hoping
D AThat you'll come back to the one you love
Em A EmThink about it all the time I
A I was a crying
DAnd I was a waiting
EmAnd I stopped hoping
D A EmThat you'll come back to me
And if you don't come back
AWe will be a crying
DWe'll be a waiting
Em And maybe we'll all stop hoping
D EmThat you'll come back
To the one you love
AThen you will be a crying
DYou'll be a waiting
EmAnd maybe you'll stop hoping
D EmThat we come back to the
ANo more crying
DNo more waiting
EmNo more hoping
D A Em That you come back to me
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