Cat Power - Back Of Your Head tab

This is a really good and catchy song by Cat Powerrr!!!

			     BACK OF YOUR HEAD - Cat Power
                                      from her 1998 album MOON PIX

Tabbed by: chris!
Email: questions, comments, OR corrections!)

(capo on first fret)

Tuning: EADGBe (standard) all shapes realitive to capo

verse/main theme:e|-------2------------------|B|---------0-----3--0-------|G|---------------------0----|D|----2---------------------|A|------------2-------------|E|--------------------------|
some variations on that (omitting the last note sometimes)
change:e|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------(3)-----------------(0)-------------------------------------|G|-------------------(0)-------------------(0)--------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------3--------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------2--2--2---------------------------------------------| "stands alone in most walks of life"
repeat that with some variations on open strings until you go back to the main theme it basicly repeats those two parts alternating between them, just listen to the song to get the timing and all of the variations. Even through Chan Marshall uses a pick (thats what it sounds like to me) it sounds good fingerpicked too.
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