Catch 22 – As The Footsteps Die Out Forever chords

                      As The Footsteps Die Out Forever - Catch 22

Tabbed by: Troispistols, Québec, Canada

Youtube Channel and videos (mainly Streetlight and Toh Kay songs covered :

Tuning: Standard

Capo 2

Took the chords from him + corrections

Catch 22 - As the Footsteps Die Out Forever - Capo 2

D A G    E G 
D A G    E G 
D A G    E G 
D A G    E G 

D AShe was diagnosed on a Friday,
GThe kids were almost home,
E G DThe kids were on their way back home from school,
ALying face down in the gutter,
GOf unaccomplished dreams,
E G DAnd broken memories of things to come.
A "Sorry ma'am, I really am. I had to break the news.
G E GI had to make the phone call to tell you that you're due,
D AYou know where, I'll tell you when,
G EAnd I suggest you start living these next three weeks,
G The best way that you can."
D A GEvery night for three long weeks,
E DShe’d roam the hallways half asleep,
A And as the footsteps fade away,
G E In my mind, I could swear, I could swear, I heard her say:
G A D E GDon't wait for me, you’ve got a lot to do, you’ve got a lot to be,
A And in the end maybe, I'll see you there.
D A G E G D A G E G D A G E G D A G E G Verse 2
D A Lost strength on a Saturday,
GSpent the day in bed
E G D A"yeah, I'm fine. it's just the flu", she said with a smile
G E GBut when they turned their backs, the tears would flow
DShe knew she only had a while
ATo live (to breath)
GTo be (to see)
E GTo bleed, to stand
DOn her own two weakened feet
A G And so I pray everyday
E G "Don't take my moher away"-
Chorus D A G E G D A G E G D A G E G D A G E G Chorus again Chorus again 1 strum down Ends on D
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