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Chad And Jeremy – Yesterdays Gone tab

[]Yesterday’s Gone:Peter And Gordon 
(Easy Version)
INTRO: [D] [G](x3) [D] [A]

  [D]                 [G]      [D]
I loved you all the summer through,
                       [G]        [A]
I thought I'd found my dream in you.
    [G]               [D]
For me you were the one,
         [G]   [D]          [A]               [D]
but that was yesterday..and yesterday's gone.
   [D]               [G]       [D]
We walked together hand in hand,
                          [G]      [A]
'cross miles and miles of golden sand.
    [G]                 [D]
But now it's over and done,
            [G]   [D]          [A]               [D]
'cause that was yesterday..and yesterday's gone.

[Bm]          [F#m]           [D]      [F#]
We had such happiness to..gether,       
[Bm]          [F#m]        [A]         [D]   [A]
I can't be..lieve it's gone

[D]                [G]      [D]
Wait 'til summer comes again,
            [G]               [A]
I hope that you'll remember when.
    [G]               [D]
Our love had just begun,
            [D]          [A]               [D]
I loved you yesterday..and yesterday's gone.

ADD: [A]           [D]   [G]  [A]       [A]           [D]
     Yesterday's Yesterday's gone.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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