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Chad Mitchell Trio – Mighty Day tab

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                                      Mighty Day
                                               CAPO  none

          Dm             A7         DM                       A7
          I remember one September, When storm winds hit the town,
          DM                      GM
          Women and children were crying, Lord,
          A7                DM
          And death was all around


          DM                   DM7                G      Bb7
          Wasn't that a mighty day, Wasn't that a mighty day
          Wasn't that a mighty day, great God that morning
                   A7                  DM
          When the storm winds hit the town

          The winds began to blowin', the rains began to fall
          The lightning shafts were cracklin', Lord,
          And the thunder started to roll


          The trumpets gave them warnin', They better leave this place
          But never meant to leave there homes,
          Till death was in their face

          The seas began to rollin', The ships they could not land,
          I heard a captain crying, God,
          Please save this drowin' man


          The trains they all were loaded, with people leavin' town,
          The tracks gave way to the ocean, Lord,
          And the trains they went on down

          The waters like some river, went rushin' to and fro
          I seen my father drowin', Lord,
          And I watched my mother go


          Now death your hands are icy, You've got them on my knee
          You took away my mother now,
          You're comin' after me

          CHO: (twice to finish)
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