Chamberlin – Dust chords


Great band and great song.

Am-G-Dm x2Wooo oo
Am CYou’re not sleeping like you used to, Not turning when you choose to.
Am CThis bed don’t feel the same just a mattress and a frame.
Am C FI am not the kind to break all the promises I make,
Am C G FThis don’t stand a chance, This don't stand a chance.
Am CThere’s clearly something wrong with the way that things have gone.
Am CI am not the only one not to know what I have done.
Am C F Fight the devil in the stay, he’ll tell you not to pray.
Am C G FBut I don’t stand a chance, I don’t stand a chance.
(Hold C)Ohh ooo ohh
Am C E7 (bar) Like the flowers in the dust,
F FYou never lasted long enough, You never lasted long enough
Am CWarming up to die every time I rest my eyes
Am CI bury my own bones if I could do it on my own
Am C F Let the demons in you throat say the things they know you won’t.
AM C G FYou don’t stand a chance, You don’t stand a chance.
PreChorus Chorus Solo
e----------------------------10-------------10-------|b------------8-8-8-10-8-s12--12-10-8-10-s12--10-8-10-|g 7-9-7-9-7-9-9-9-9----------------------------------|d----------------------------------------------------|
Bridge x3
Am Em DmNever lasted long enough,
Am Em DmThere’s no one here you’ll ever trust
Tabbed by J William Hott
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