Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today tab

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From: (Greg Halvorson)
Subject: TAB: Time Has Come Today by Chambers Brothers
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 10:41:15 -0500

                             Time Has Come Today
                              Chambers Brothers

                           Tabbed by: Paul Halvorson

    This is the intro to the song. All the E's (2nd string, 5th fret) seem to
be played very softly. Look out for the rythm of where they are played, too.
If anyone knows how to play any of the rest of the song, please tab it and
upload it to OLGA. Have Fun!

=============================================================================== == TABLATURE EXPLANATION == ===============================================================================
---------- ----------|----5h8--- Hammeron ----(8)---| Ghost Note---------- ----------|----5p8--- Pulloff ----------|
---------- ----------|----5/8--- Slide Up -----x----| Dead Note---------- ----------|----5\8--- Slide Down ----------|
---------- ||------|| Repeat Start & End----5~~~-- Vibrato ||*----*||---------- ||*----*||---------- ||------||
Rhythm: w = whole note W = dotted whole h = half note H = dotted half q = quarter note Q = dotted quarter e = eighth note E = dotted eighth s = sixteenth note S = dotted sixteenth ^ = triplet
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