Channel Zero – Outro tab

Artist: Channel Zero
Album: Black Fuel
Song: Outro

Part 1 :

The song has 2 guitarparts: the main rhytm that goes on through the whole
song and a returning solo part.

Tune down your guitar a half tone (1 step)

/: slide up
X: mute with right hand while playing
P: pull-off

Part 1:e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|b|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|g|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|d|-6-6--X6-X6--4/6-7-2-2-X2-X2--6/7-----------------------------------------|a|-6-6--X6-X6--4/6-7-2-2-X2-X2--6/7-----------------------------------------|e|-4-4--X4-X4--2/4-5-0-0-X0-X0--4/5-----------------------------------------|
Part 2 :
A B C De|--------| |---------------| |---------------| |---------------|b|--------| |---------------| |---------------| |---------------|g|--------| |---------------| |---------------| |---------------|d|--------| |-7P6-6P5-5P4-2-| |-7P6-6P5-5P4---| |-7P6-6P5-5P4---|a|-7-7--7-| |---------------| |-------------2-| |---------------|e|--------| |---------------| |---------------| |-------------4-|
Now play the solopart like this while part 1 keeps going on: A B C x3 B D In the D part the last note (tabbed with #4 ) is the beginning of the first chord in Part 1.
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