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From: (Hugh R. Williamson, World Maritime University, Malmo, SWEDEN)
Subject: TAB: Pipeline (corrected)

PIPELINE (corrected version)

-I found an old tape of mine with Pipeline
on it, and I guess my memory wasn't quite
as good as I thought (no smart cracks from
the under 16 contingent please)

So I ran through it a couple of times
through it, and combined with the
lead line posting from Al Kossow
(thanks Al), I think this version
is pretty close to the original.

Two additional comments. It sounds
like the Chantays had three guitars,
an electric piano, bass and drums.
One Guitar played the chords, one
handled the reverb plucking and
E-string staccatto slide, and one handled
the lead line.

 The electric piano did the
melody on the bridge, and the high notes
at the end of each verse. I've put in a
guitar part for this. It should be possible
for two guitarist to cover most of the music
as transcribed. The problem would be switching
the tone and effects while playing the different
parts. The rhythm guitarist can handle the
piano parts, since it's mostly chord forms.

"Since no else has taken up the challenge
I have decided to reach deep into
memory and attempt to tabulate the
version that I best remember, as
played by the Chantays. It hit the
charts in 1962.

To produce the proper SURF sound, you'll
need a couple of Fender JazzMasters, any
colour so long as it's white. I know the
Ventures played sunburst, but they were from
somewhere too far north, and while the Surfaries
played Salmon Pink Fenders, there is a story
that while they appeared on the Album cover
it was actually the Champs who played on the

Next, you'll need a proper spring Reverb unit.
Unfortunately the new digital units don't produce
the proper crashing sound when you drop them. All
good surfing songs started with a "reverb kick",
a sound discovered by the first kid who accidentally
kicked his amp over(probably a Deluxe Reverb),
while imitating Dick Dale

But I digress...


2nd Lead & Rhythm Guitar Parts
The second lead should be played with
the heel of the right hand partially
muting the strings, which are "plucked"
with the pick. The guitar should be
played through a spring reverb unit,
turned up to 12 or 13.


|----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------||-KICK THE REVERB------------------------||----------------------------------------||--------------------------------2-2-2-2-||-18-15-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3--0-3-0-3--| E string staccato slide (while picking mandolin style) (i.e. up & down as fast as possible)
2: 8 bars of the E-A string plucking)
1&2&3&4& (4 bars) (4 bars) dudududu 3: Enter the rhythm guitar
Em Em Em Em|----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------||--2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-------||-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-3--------|
1&2&3&4& (4 bars) (4 bars) dudududu (Play the chord once per bar, with a slow upstroke) 4: Start of the Melody (lead line)
BARS 1-4 Em(1-4) Am(5-8)|--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||----------------------2-2-2-2---------||--2-2-2-2------------0-3-0-3----------||-0-3-0-3------------------------------| Repeat Repeat 1&2&3&4& (4 bars) (4 bars) dudududu(Play the chord once per bar, with a slowupstroke)
Chorus (I suppose we can call it that) B B C BABAB B C BABA|--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||7777-777888-75757777-777888-7575------| 1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4& (8 picks per beat- i.e. dudududu) (When I listen to the fast picking onthe E string
B AB ABAB AB ABAAm|--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||7-57-5757-57-5755-18 11 10 9 etc.-----| E-string sliderepeat
6: The Bridge During this part, the second lead guitar plays a continuous staccato on the E-string following the chord changes, which are played in the barr position. It finishes with an E-string slide into the first verse again.
Am G F G Am G F Em|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-55--33---11---33---55----33--11---00-18-|
1&2&3&4& (4 bars) (4 bars) dudududu The actual picking pattern on this section sound to me like: 1&2&3&4&5&6&7&8& X XXX XXX XXXXXX ================================= MELODY PART ================================= Part 4: The lead breaks in
Lead Guitar: Em|--------------------------------------||--------------------------12----------||------------------------12--14-12-----||---02024024242020-----14--------------||--2---------------2-------------------||--------------------------------------| (Play the last part as an Em barr on the 12th fret)
Am|-----------------------12----12-------||---------------------13----13--13-----||---020242024242020-14----14------14---||--2---------------2-------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------| (Play the last part as an Am barr on the 12th fret)
Part 5:
B C B ABA B C B Am|--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||-44 5 4 242 44 5 4 2424242424242422|----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------|
6:BRIDGE: Lead guitar:
Am G F G|---------------------------------------||-------55--------33--------110-------3-||------5--754----4--542----2---23----4--||--77-7------55-5------33-3------55 5---||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------|
Am G F Em|---------------------------------------||-------55--------33--------------------||-5----5--754----4--542----020----------||--77-7------55-5------33-3---32--------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------12-11-| E slide
OR if you want to try and copy the piano part. (play these parts as Am and A form barr chords starting at the 12th fret)
Am G|----------12--------------------10--------||--------13--13-12---12--------12--12-10---||14-14-14---------14---12-12-12---------12-||------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------|
F G|------------8-8-7---------------10-10------||10--------10-----10-12--------12-----13-12-||--10-10-10------------12-12-12-------------||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------|
Am G|------------12--------------------10--------||13--------13--13-12---12--------12--12-10---||--14-14-14---------14---12-12-12---------12-||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------|
F Em|-----------------------7-12-7---------||-10--------8-10-8-----8------8--------||---10-10-10 -----10-9---------9-------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------|
(for the Em chord play it on the 7th fret and use your pinkie to play the high E (12)) ====================================== Last Verse: ====================================== Play the first part all over again, and then finish with one last staccato slide and a final slow Em chord, downstroke and full tremolo. Then call in a day, and hit the beach. Hugh R. Williamson Internet: WMUHRW@GEMINI.LDC.LU.SE Compuserve: 71760.1453@COMPUSERVE.COM WELL: HUGHRW@WELL.SF.CA.US MAIL: PO Box 292, Debert, Nova Scotia CANADA B0M 1G0
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