Terryfold chords with lyrics by Chaos Chaos - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Chaos Chaos – Terryfold chords

C Em GOkay is it rolling...? Okay...
CGrab my terryfold flaps
EmGrab my flappy folds
GGrab my terryfolds
GGrab my foldy flaps
[Bridge 1]
CHey, touch my foldy flaps
EmGrab my terryfolds
GGrab my foldy holds
GGrab my terry flaps
CIn my terryfolds
EmGrab my terry flaps
G N.C.You gotta touch 'em... my terryfolds
[Chorus 1]
CGrab my terryfolds
EmTouch my holdy flaps
GTake a big flap
GTake my foldy flaps (Aaah)
CMy terryfolds (Aaah)
EmMy foldy holds (Oooh)
GAnd my terry flaps
N.C.Gotta grab my terry flaps
[Chorus 2]
CGrab my terry flaps
EmSqueeze my holdy folds
GHold my goldy folds
GGrab my foldy tolds
CGrab my terry flap holds
EmGrab my terryfolds
GHold my foldy folds
GHold my terryfolds
[Verse 1]
C EmHey, did you ever wanna hold a terryfold?
I got one right here (here)
GGrab my terry flap
GSqueeze it, grab it, squeeze and tug on my terry flap
C EmHey, I wanna take you to the terryfold dance
Wanna come with me?
GYou can grab my holdy folds
N.C.Squeeze them tight, you son of a bitch!
CSuck my holdy flappy folds
EmLick my flappy foldy holds
GMy terry flaps in your mouth
GSuck my flaps you piece of shit!
[Bridge 2]
CFuck you (fuck you)
EmYou stupid dumb motherfucking bitch (Aaah Aaah)
GHey, grab my terry flaps
GGonna eat those toldy folds
[Verse 2]
CI gotta couple of terryfold flaps
EmI got a flappy foldy flap
GI'm gonna go take you to food
G CGonna eat, then we're going to the terryfold dance (dance)
You and me
EmWe're gonna go to the terryfold place
GIt's gonna be a night out
GGonna have a real fancy time
Hoo! [Outro] Um, I don't know, should I do it again?
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