Chapman Tracy - Baby Can I Hold You tab

From: (David Wong)

Baby Can I Hold You: D A7sus A7e-----2---2--2-0---2---|0---0---0-------- This is played and repeated twice,B--T--3---3--3-3---3-0-|3---3-0-2--------the second time it's repeated the voc-G--A--2---2--2-2---2---|0---0---0--------als come in: "Sorry- is all that you D--B--0---0--0-0---0---|2---2---2--------can't say." However on "say" an Em A----------------------|0---0---0--------chord is played. Repeat the chordE----------------------|-----------------changes, but go to a D on "still" in
"years go by and still." Repeat once more landing on an Em, then change to a G, then A each time "sorry" is repeated. Watch for the time signature changes around the G. This entire sequence is repeated, with the exception of the opening strums before the singing begins. Of course, substitute the next verses, i.e. "Forgive me..." The remaining part of the song goes: Em G D "baby, can I hold you tonight. Em G Bm Baby, if I told you the right words, A oo- at the right time, D Em F#m G A repeat. you'd be mine.
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