Charlatans – The Bell & The Butterfly tab

The Bell & The Butterfly
===================-The Charlatans

	The strangley named insrumental from 'Wonderland'. The Charlatans'
instrumentals are always outstanding, and this is no exception, with it's
monster drum loops and growling bass line. Okay so it is a bass solo, but
I like it so much I've tabbed it anyway - you could play it with an
octave-distortion pedal to put it down into the sub-sonic depths, or you
could just borrow someone's bass, it needs to be put through a normal
guitar amp anyway to get the overdriven sound, it's not just your average
bass-fuzz, in fact it sounds like authentic speakers-slashed-with-a-
carpet-kife distortion. Luckily we had a knackered old amp at college
with torn speakers but I managed to blow it by playing this too loud!

The song is made up of 3 main riffs:

1) + . . .G|-------------------|D|-------------------|A|---------6---------|E|---4-----------2---|
2) + . . . + . . .G|------------------|---------------|D|------------------|---------------|A|------------------|---2-4-2-4-----|E|--4-4-2-4---2---4-|---------------|
+ . . . + . . .G|------------------|---------------|D|------------------|---------------|A|--4-4-2-4---2---2-|-4-2-----------|E|------------------|-----4-2-4-----|
3) + . . . + . . .G|------------------|---------------|D|-/6-4-------------|---------------|A|--------4---------|-4-2-----------|E|------------------|-------4-------|
That's all. Stick 'em together in the right order yourself. The ending is just the first bar of riff 2 repeated. This is a good one to get people dancing at a gig if your audience are looking a bit bored of endless Coldplay covers, but you'll need a pretty good drummer. For questions, corrections or requests, e-mail me on Just to finish here's a classic quote off the Charlatans' website: Rumours that The Charlatans have turned into Sly And The Family Rolling Stone were immediately denounced by the band as 'just a bit daft, really.' July 2001
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