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Charlatans – The Blind Stagger tab

Song: The Blind Stagger
Written/Performed by: The Charlatans
Album: Us & Us Only (1999)


G G7 C G6E|--3--|--1--|--O--|--3---3-3-3---3-3-3---|B|--3--|--O--|--1--|--3---3-3-3---3-3-3---|G|--O--|--O--|--O--|--O---O-O-O---O-O-O---|D|--O--|--O--|--2--|--2pO-O-O-2pO-O-O-2pO-|A|--2--|--2--|--3--|--X---X-X-X---X-X-X---|E|--3--|--3--|-----|--3---3-3-3---3-3-3---|
Verse: G G7 Lord, It's been a long, long time, C G6 And people don't you find always leave their troubles at your door. G G7 I, I live on my own, C G6 I don't need a bitter soul blowin' 'bout my country anymore. G G7 C G6 Mmmm, don't you think your daddy needs you home right away. G G7 C G6 Mmmm, your daddy needs you home right away. Break: D Em F C D
Electric Riff 1: GE|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------|D|--5p3pO---5-O-3h5p3-O-5p3pO-3-5-3-5-3--|A|---------------------------------------|E|--------3------------------------------| (x2 Ad Lib)
Chorus: G D Oh! It's About time, Can't you for once be strong? C7 G I bleed a little too. G You're invisible. Is there something I can give to you? D C7 G I see my light come shining - there is good on the horizon. G D Daylight, sneakin' through my window, I will give you a rainbow, C7 G And a bucket full of gold. G You've been bitten, by eleven hungrty kittens, D C7 G Who will go the whole distance, while the blind stagger. Electric Riff 2:
G G/F G (32OO33) (1XOO33) (32OO33)E|---------------|------------------|B|---------------|------------------|G|--3b4r3--------|------------------|D|--------5p3h5--|------3--------5--|A|---------------|-----------3------|E|---------------|--3---------------| (x8)
Acoustic Solo:
E|---------------------------|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------|---------------------------------|G|--------3b4-O-----------O--|--------3b4-O--------------------|D|------O-------3-O-3-O-3----|--------------3------------------|A|----1----------------------|------1-----------1-3--1h2p1-----|E|--3------------------------|--1h3-----------3-------------3--| (x2)
Repeat electric riff 1 (x4) Repeat Chorus. Then repeat intro chords, with the following bass solo.
G G7 C GG|------------------|------------------|--------------------|---|D|------------------|------------------|---------------3--5-|---|A|---1-X-3--1-X---1-|---1-X-3--1-X---1-|---1-X-3-5-5-X------|---|E|-3------------3---|-3------------3---|-3------------------|-3-|
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