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Charlatans – One To Another tab

Artist: The Charlatans
Song: One To Another
Album: Tellin' Stories
Tunning: standard with capo on fret 1
TabbedBy Indie Nation (Dan)

What a song! It was a single and also track 4 on the breath-taking
Tellin' Stories album.
The song is in F but I've tabbed it in E -- I think a capo was
used at the first fret. If you have a capo then I've tabbed it as
though the capo was the nut (ie O means open string which is really
fret 1 and 2 means two up from the capo which is really fret 3)
If you dont have a capo then you can just add 1 to each of the numbers
or tune your guitar up a semitone to F,Bb,Eb,Ab,C,F instead
of E,A,D,G,B,E.

The main riff is:

F|-----------------------| C|-----------------------|Ab|--2pO------------------|Eb|------2-2-2-2-2-2-O-2--|Bb|-----------------------| F|-----------------------|
Intro The main riff is played on an electric through a Wah-wah pedal. If you don't have one just cut the treble and bass on your amp and it will give a similar effect. After the riff 4 times some piano chords are played over it. They are:
Ab Bb F F|--3--|--O--|--O--| C|--O--|--2--|--O--|Ab|--O--|--2--|--1--|Eb|--O--|--2--|--2--|Bb|--2--|--O--|--2--| F|--3--|-----|--O--|
After this the whole band plays the riff another 4 times. Verse 1 There's a very distorted guitar playing what's in the tab and a piano playing the chords above it. The guitar shapes for the chords can be found at the bottom of the page.
F . . . Let ring F|--O--------------------------------------| C|--O--------------------------------------|Ab|--1--------------------------------------|Eb|--2--------------------------------------|Bb|--2--------------------------------------| F|--O--------------------------------------| One to another, A sister and a brother,
Cm . Bb . F|----------2--------O--------O------| C|---------------3-------------------|Ab|-------4------------------------O--|Eb|------------------------O----------|Bb|-----------------------------------| F|-----------------------------------|And I'm changin' the way that you feel.
F . . . Let ring F|--O--------------------------------------------------| C|--O--------------------------------------------------|Ab|--1--------------------------------------------------|Eb|--2--------------------------------------------------|Bb|--2--------------------------------------------------| F|--O--------------------------------------------------| Pleased to meet you, Hope I never see you I'd be at
Cm . Bb . F|------------------------------| C|--------------------5--5------|Ab|-----2--2----4---6------------|Eb|--4---------------------------|Bb|------------------------------| F|------------------------------| ease watchin' you sleep watchin you smile...
Riff x4 Verse 2 (Same guitar and piano as Verse 1) Love, I adore you, Always lookin' for you, And I'll be there whenever you need me. Be my spiderwoman, I'll be you're spiderman. Riff x2 Chorus 1 (No guitar - just piano chords) F Eb I Hear our day is comin' grows sweeter every year, C Bb Tomorrow's gonna be to easy and today's gonna be to near. F Eb Justice for beleivers, and love can keep the faith. C Bb I don't need you I can buy you, I can't hurt you. Riff x4 Verse 3 (Same guitar and piano as Verse 1) One to another, Peace to my brother, Always givin' me his thing for free, Sad to knock ya, Good to rock ya and I'm doin' the best that I can. Riff x4
Chorus 2 F . . . Eb . . . F|-------------O------------------|------------O------------| C|--------------------------------|-------------------------|Ab|---------------------1----2p1---|--------------------1h2--|Eb|--------------------------------|-----4-------------------|Bb|--------------------------------|-------------------------| F|----O---------------------------|-------------------------| I hear our day is comin' gets sweeter every year
C . . F|----------------------------------| C|--------------------3-------------|Ab|-2---------------4------------4---|Eb|----------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------| F|----------------------------------| Tomorrow's gonna be too easy and
Bb . . . F|-5\4--------2------------------------| C|----------------2---------2h3---5h7--|Ab|-------------------------------------|Eb|-------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------| F|-------------------------------------| today's gonna be too near.
(Repeat guitar pattern and chords:) Trust is for beleivers, and love can keep the faith. I don't need you I can buy you, I can't hurt you. Break: Guitar and piano both play: Ab F Eb F Ab F Eb F Ab F Eb F Ab F Bb---- Riff x4 Chorus 3 (Guitar and piano as Chorus 2) Stand by my accusations, come clean, don't need no vice, Know you wanna keep me waiting, I think it's funny that you mind. Love is hard to leave, it's hard to never have, Won't you please come out your window, you can play with all my love, Yeah, yeah, yeah, Box up all our records, and a head full of ideas, and a handful of escape routes, They're gonna burn you! Outro solo
F Eb C F|-------O----------|-----O------|---------------| C|------------------|------------|----3---3---3--|Ab|----------1--2p1--|--1----1h2--|--4---4---4----|Eb|------------------|------------|---------------|Bb|------------------|------------|---------------| F|----O-------------|------------|---------------|
Bb F Eb C F|-5\4--2----------------|-----|-----|-----| C|---------2---3p2--5h7--|--5--|--7--|-----|Ab|-----------------------|-----|-----|-----|Eb|-----------------------|-----|-----|--O--|Bb|-----------------------|-----|-----|-----| F|-----------------------|-----|-----|-----|
Bb F|-5\4--2----------------| C|---------2---3p2--5h7--|Ab|-----------------------|Eb|-----------------------|Bb|-----------------------| F|-----------------------|
Ab F Eb F Ab F Eb F That's it. If you're wanting to play the piano chords on an accoustic or something heres the shapes (remember that these should be with a capo): F (O221OO) Cm (x24432) Bb (xO222O) Eb (xxO232) C (x2444x) Ab (32OOO3)
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