Tellin Stories tab with lyrics by Charlatans - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Charlatans – Tellin Stories tab

Artist: The Charlatans
Song: Tellin' Stories
Album: Tellin' Stories
Tunning: standard
Tabbed By: Indie Nation (Dan)

	Another great single from the album of the same name. Dead easy
this one - its just an acoustic banging out the chords with a bit of
electric work during the chorus.

C     x32O1O
Csus4 x33O11
G     3xOOO3
Gsus4 3xOO13
G/B   x2OO33
Am    XO221O
F     133211
Em7   x79787
D     x5777x

Csus4   C  (x10)
Gsus4   G

Verse 1
Come see me in the mornin'
Can't you see I'm tellin' stories,
         Csus4			      C
My sweet angel's everlasing true love ways,
I'll wait I'll sow the seed I set the
C		G/B    		Am	 F
scene, and I'll watch the world go by.

Csus4   C  (x2)

Verse 2
See me go through changes, revelations to blank pages,
I'll find a brighter guide to see me through.
While leaves fall to the ground - turn to brown through the day,
Just like you.

This is the part of the song where the electric comes in. It's disorted
and plays just the F chords.

C   F
C   F

Live for the day,
I see your heart is empty, I've got plenty.
Joe, come ride with me,
I see your head is meant to be cemented,
It's true,
All the stories that you tell come back to haunt you.

There's a little riff under the G chords during the chorus ont the electric:

...see your heart is empty, I've got plenty...E|--------------------------------------|-------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|-------------------------|G|--------------------------------------|-------------------------|D|--------------------------------------|-------------------------|A|--------------------Oh2pO-Oh3pO-Oh5pO-|-------Oh2pO-Oh3pO-Oh5pO-|E|----------3--3----3-------------------|--3--3-------------------|
Post Chorus Csus4 C (x3) Gsus4 G Verse 3 I'll be there in the mornin' Can't you see I'm tellin' stories, My sweet angels everlasting true love ways, While others turn to others, introduce yopu and walk right on through. It's just about knowing where you come from being you, And singing love songs can't begin to fill your day.
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