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Charlatans – The Only One I Know tab

The Only One I Know
===============-The Charlatans

	This was the Charlatans' second single (their first with a real
record contract). It also appeared on their debut album 'Some Friendly'
back when they had guitarist Jon Baker, who favoured more ambient,
effect-laden guitar sounds.


E|-----|---------------------------|B|-----|---------------------------|G|-----|.-------------------------.|D|-----|.-------------------------.| x4A|-8-9-|--10-10-10-X-10-10-X-10-8--|E|-6-7-|--8--8--8--X-8--8--X-8--6--|
Hammond Riff
C7 FE|-----------------|B|--11-----11--10--|G|--12-----12--10--|D|--10-----10--10--| x8A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Behind the Hammond riff there's a Wah guitar playing some muted strums with a bit of a funky rhythm. Verse 1 During the singing the organ plays syncopated (off-beat) stabs during the C7 and a distorted guitar joins in for Bb, Eb and F just hitting the chords once then sustaining them. The wah continues in the background. Chords: E A D G B E C7 X X 10 12 11 X Bb X 1 3 3 3 X Eb X 6 8 8 8 X F X 8 10 10 10 X C7 Bb Eb F The only one I know, Has come to take me away, C7 Bb Eb F The only one I know, is mine when she stitches me. Hammond riff x2 C7 Bb Eb F The only one I see, Has found an aching in me, C7 Bb Eb F The only one I see, has turned her tounge into me, Hammond riff x2 Chorus Chords: E A D G B E C X 3 5 5 5 X Bb X 1 3 3 3 X F 1 3 3 2 1 1 G 3 5 5 4 3 3 This little riff is played behind all of the chords during the chorus. It is heavily flanged (Chorus & Phaser effects).
C Bb Everyone has been burned before, F G Everybody knows the pain. After the chorus, a little break is played:
F G F GE|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|--3--5----------3--5----|A|--3--5----------3--5----|E|--1--3----------1--3----|
Verse 2 (As first verse) The only one I know, never cries, never opens her eyes, The only one I know, wide awake and then she's away, The only one I see, is mine as she walks down the street, The only one I see, has carved her way into me. Repeat Chorus twice then the F-G, F-G break. Solo Starts off with a little bass riff:
Repeat this four times, drums enter after two. This is the guitar solo; it's a pretty distorted sound with a bit of reverse reverb. It's pretty easy, so keep your playing clean:
C7 C7 Eb FE|---------|---------|------------------|------------|B|---------|---------|------------------|------------|G|--8------|--8------|------------------|------------|D|-----10--|-----10--|--10-8---------8--|--10-10-10--|A|---------|---------|-------10-8-10----|------------|E|---------|---------|------------------|------------|
C7 C7E|---------------------------|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|---------------------------|G|--8------------------------|--8------------------------|D|-----10-10-10-10-10-10-10--|-----10-10-10-10-10-10-10--|A|---------------------------|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|---------------------------|
C7 Eb F C7E|---------------------------|-------|------|--------------|B|---------------------------|-------|------|---16--13-----|G|------------------------8--|--/12--|-/17--|--------------|D|--10--8---------8-10-10----|-------|------|--------------|A|--------10-8-10------------|-------|------|--------------|E|---------------------------|-------|------|--------------|
Repeat Chorus twice. Outro
F G F G F CE|------------------|--------|B|------------------|--------|G|------------------|-----5--|D|--3--5----3--5----|--3--5--|A|--3--5----3--5----|--3--3--|E|--1--3----1--3----|--1-----|
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