Charlene Kaye – Human chords

Here´s another Charlene Kaye song! Hope you like it :)

INTRO: Dm  C   Dm  C
Dm Worshipped a deity
C A false god i praised
Dm He had two legs to walk
C And a smile on his face
Dm He seemed infallible
C I thought someone this great
Dm FSurely must be from above
C G Not from this place
Dm F And what a gorgeous view for me
C I would follow you to anywhere you traveled
GWith a rose in my teeth
Dm FThought you were a god in skin
CBut you're only human
Dm F You said it all
C GHuman, human
Dm FBy saying nothing at all
Dm Well, time saw us take the fall
C But you stayed in one piece
Dm (strum hard and stop) 'Cuz if you bleed after all
C It ain't over me
Dm F Baby, you let me down
C G And just my blinded eyes are to blame
Dm F'Cuz who could love, still, without the power of sight
C GAcross the sea that holds us in place?
DmSo get out of my mind
FAnd get out of my heart
CIt's only midnight here in Arizona
GBut the sun's come up where you are
Dm FI don't blame you for wandering...
C'Cuz you're only human
Dm FYou said it all
C GHuman, human
Dm FBy saying nothing, oh nothing
C G Dm FYou're only human, human, ooh ooh...
C GHuman, human
Dm F (fade)I thought you were so much more...
Okay that's it! Hope it is accurate enaugh, if not you can correct me in the comments!!
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