Charles Manson – Look At Your Game Girl chords

		   Look At Your Game, Girl - CHARLES MANSON
Tabbed by: Kevin Croner (Kevin2407)

Tuning: Standard [eADGBE]

Chords used:

DM7/A  : 557675

CM7/G  : 335453

EM7/B  : 779897

A      : 577655

A7     : 575655

A9     : 575657

G#7    : 464544

DM7/A There's a ti - me for living~
DM7/A CM7/G Ti - me keeps on flying
DM7/A CM7/G Think you're loving baby
DM7/A CM7/GBut all your doing is crying
DM7/ACan you feel
CM7/G DM7/AAre those feelings real
CM7/G DM7/A CM7/G Look at your game, girl
DM7/A CM7/G Look at your game, girl
DM7/A CM7/G What a mad delusion
DM7/A CM7/G Living in that confusion
DM7/A CM7/G Frustration and doubt
A7 A9 DM7/A DM7 C#M7 CM7 Can you ever live without the game
DM7/A DM7/A-C#m7/G#-Cm7/G-Dm7/A (Continue with the same chords progression) The sad, sad game Mad game Just to say loves' not enough If one you can't be true Oh, you can tell those lies Baby but you're only fooling you [chorus] You feel Ah, those feelings ain't real Then you better stop trying Or you're gonna play crying Stop trying
DM7/A~ DM7 C#M7 CM7~ A7 G#7That's the game
DM7/A~ DM7/A-C#m7/G#-Cm7/G DM7/G Sad sad game
(Continue, fade out) Mad game Sad game TAB LEGEND: (6): Play if you want to 4~: Hold note
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