Charles Manson – Sick City chords


Throughout the song the strumming is pretty fast with the exception of the first "verse" 
where there mostly are single strums.

This song is in D STANDARD tuning, and all the chords are relevant to this.

Bm:   Em:    A     A(bar)     Bm(bar)

x     x      x      5          7
x     x      0      5          7
4     0      2      6          8
4     2      2      7          9
2     2      0      7          9
x     0      x      5          7

If you want, add a couple of hammerons/ pulloffs on the 3rd and 5th fret of the lower E 
string while strumming the Em to make it sound
more like Mansons origional recording.

Em A Em

EmRestless people
AFrom a sick city
Emburnt their houses down
ATo make the sky look pretty
Em AWhat can I do, I'm just a person
Em AThis is the line we always seem to hear
Em AYou just sit, things get worse
Bm A EmAnd watch TV and drink your beer
EmWalking all alone
ANot going anywhere
EmWalking all alone
ANobody seemed to care
EmRestless as the wind
AThis town is killing me
Bm A Bm(/A) EmGot to put an end to this restless misery
Em A(bar)I'm just one of those restless people
Bm(bar) A(bar)Can never seem to be
Bm(bar) A(bar)satisfied With living
Bm Ain this sick old sick old
EmSick city
Em AIt may be too late for me to say goodbye
EmAnd I might be too late
ATo watch this sick old city die
EmGoing on the road
AYeah I'm gonna try
Bm A Bm ATo say sick city so long goodbye
EmAnd die
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