Charles Mingus – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat tab

			     Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Charles Mingus
Tabbed by: Vivek Ayer
Tuning: Standard
Key: Ebm

This is a blues song with cool/weird changes written by Charles Mingus famously covered 
Beck, John Mclaughlin and Joni Mitchell.
Its a 12 bar blues (can be read as 3 sections of 4 bars each)
These chords can be played as a chord melody arrangement

| Ebm* 	B13| EM7+11 A7b5    | C#m9 B9| C#9 Eb7 |
| Abm7 	B13| EM7+11 Bb7#9#5 | C7b5 F7| B7  EM7|
| A13 Ab7 | Bb7 C#7** | Ebm B7 | E A7 ||

* If your not playing the melody I'd recommend Eb7#9

** Some versions just play B9 for 2 bars here

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