Charli Xcx – Youre The One Acoustic chords

You're The One by Charli XCX
This is my first tab, done completely by ear. 
I'm not quite sure if it's right but feel free to correct me, please :) 
I think this may the first tab of this song on the internet... I love it :D
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DmDancing in the darkness
Pink and lilac
Em Am7Keep the si-lence
DmCrystals on the skyline
Cut the midnight
Em Am7Ultra vio-let
GYou're the one who can make me stay
You're the only one who makes me feel this way
DmYou're the one who's been stealing stars
FYour golden arrow went through my heart
GYou're the one who can turn the page
You're the one who came along and unlocked the cage
Am F GNow I'm dancing in the dark
G Dm Am F
DmFlying through the black night
Em Am7You're the angel in the moonlight
DmRunning through the thunder
Em Am7Under cover, so follow low
Chorus (x3 --> strum each chord once (or twice) at the second time) Spoken:
GYeah, I'm dancing in the darkness
Three years before I was feeling so heartless
DmBut your bones shined through
FNow I'm drinking love potion
When I lay next to you
GIt's a criminal feeling
Happiness cries and the tears are dreaming
DmMy body is screaming
FI'm staying right here
No, I'll never be leaving
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