Dueling Banjos tab with lyrics by Charlie Daniels Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Charlie Daniels Band – Dueling Banjos tab

This is an amazing song that was remade by Charlie Daniels Band, I love it and hopefully you feel the same.

there are basically seven different guitar parts in this song.

I will give u the sections and at the bottom show you the order.

PART 1 A A A D AE-|-9--9--9---14--9--|B-|-11-11-11--15--11-|G-|-9--9--9---14--9--|D-|------------------|A-|------------------|E-|------------------|
PART 2Here is the most famous part of the song(i like 2 bar the B and G strings at 2)E-|----------------------------|B-|-2--3--5--2--3-----2--------|G-|----------------4-----2--4--|D-|----------------------------|A-|----------------------------|E-|----------------------------|
PART 3Here is the yankee doodle part(the banjo does the 2nd half of the yankee doodle)E-|--------------------------|B-|--------------0-----0-----|G-|-----0--0--2-----0-----2--|D-|--0-----------------------|A-|--------------------------|E-|--------------------------|
PART 4the last part is the Emajor scaleE-|--------------------------|B-|--------------------------|G-|--------------------------|D-|--------------------------|A-|-------------0--2--0------|E-|--000--2--4-----------4---|
PART 5This is the octive of EmajorE-|--------------------------|B-|--------------------------|G-|----------1--2--4--2--1---|D-|--222--4------------------|A-|--------------------------|E-|--------------------------|
PART 6this is just like the sound of tuning checkE-|-----------------5--|B-|--------------5-----|G-|-----------5--------|D-|--------5-----------|A-|-----5--------------|E-|--5-----------------|
PART 7E-|-------------------------------------------------|B-|-------------------------------------------------|G-|-------------------------------------------------|D-|-------------------------------------------------|A-|---------------2345---5---5---5-----------7-7----|E-|--45--0-5-0-5-0-----5---5---5---545-0-5-0-----5--|
THE ORDER OF THE SONG: PART 6 - X1 PART 1 - X4 PART 2 - X2 PART 3 - X1 PART 4 - X2 PART 5 - X1 PART 4 - X1 PART 5 - X1 The song speeds up here PART 1 - X2 PART 2 - X2 PART 3 - X1 PART 7 - X1 PART 4 - X2 PART 5 - X1 PART 4 - X1 PART 4 - X1 PART 1 - X2 PART 2 - X2 PART 3 - X1 PART 7 - X1 The banjo ends it
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