Charlie Daniels Band – Lonesome Boy From Dixie chords

Lonesome Boy From Dixie
Charlie Daniels
E A EWell there's a peach tree on a hill in northern Georgia
G EWhere a teenage boy sits staring at the ground.
A ESoon he'll leave to join the rebel soldiers
G B Efor the Cumberland and Nashville he is bound.
He goes down to ride with the Bedford Forrest Calv'ry He can shoot a man at a hunnert yards or more But he knows he's just like any other soldier. If they spill his blood he'll never ride no more. Chorus: Don't you know I'm just a lonesome boy from Dixie. Help me Lord, I feel so all alone. Don't you know I'm a lonesome boy from Dixie. Gone to war and I just want to get home. When the battle started the rebels were outnumbered They shot his leg with an angry cannonball The medic came and said "we'll all be lucky If the boy from Georgia makes it home at all". Chorus: Well there's a peach tree on a hill in northern Georgia Where a horse stands like a statue made of stone. Flowers bless a grave down in the meadow. Now the lonesome boy from Dixie made it home.
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