Charlie Landsborough – What Color Is The Wind chords

What Color Is The Wind
By Charlie Landsborough

Capo 1 

A D What colour is the wind, Daddy
D A DIs it yellow, red or blue
F#mWhen he's playing with my hair, Daddy
EDoes he do the same to you
DWhen he's dying does his colour fade
A F#mIs a gentle breeze a lighter shade
E Just like his friend the sea
AThe wind feels blue to me
------- When the blackbird starts to sing, Daddy Do the flowers hear him, too When he's pouring out his heart, Daddy Tell me, what do roses do Do they cast their scent upon the air And is fragrance just a rose in prayer Giving thanks to God above For the blackbird's song of love Chorus:
D ABlow, wind, blow
E AWild and free
D AMy Daddy says
E D AYou're a lot like me
E I know each colour
D AIts shape and size
EI've seen them all
A With my Daddy's eyes
I know that grass is green, Daddy I've touched it with my toes And snow is purest white, Daddy I've felt it with my nose But my favourite colour has to be The colour of your love for me And Daddy, I've been told That love is always gold Chorus My Daddy says You're a lot like me What colour is the wind
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