Charlie Mcdonnell – Birthday Song chords

It's very easy to play,
With Ukulele, you just bar across on the third fret then put your fingers on the 4th on
E and 5th on G to form the first note - Ab. The second chord you play is just moving all
your fingers down a fret to a G, then for the last note, I think it's some kind of cm? 
Let's call it a cm for the sake of this. But it's basically just the first chord without
your finger on the E.
In other terms:

[Ab] [G] [Cm]This is a song that I wrote you for your birthday
[Ab] [G] [Cm]Because I couldn't be bothered to buy you anything
[Ab] [G]And I know that you might think that
[Cm] [G]Writing this song required more effort
[Ab] [G] [Cm]Than going out and buying you something
(still Cm)But I can promise that it didn't
[Ab] [G] [Cm]I'm not even going to include your name in this song
[Ab] [G] [Cm]Because that way I can use it on somebody else
[Ab] [G] [Cm] [G]And if you listen closely then you might be able to tell
[Ab] [G] [Cm]That I only bothered using three chords
[G]I guess that just shows you how much I care
[Ab] [G] [Cm] [G]Happy birthday insert name here
[Ab] [G] [Cm]Congratulations on living another year
[Ab] [G] [Cm] [G]Only joking I did get you something
[Ab] [G] [Cm]And it's right here
So there, hope this has been helpful one way or another. This song is by talented Youtube artist Charlie McDonnell, or Charlieissocoollike, if you've wandered over to this tab not knowing of Sir Coollike, I suggest you check out his stuff, it's pretty cool ^^ x
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