Charlie Straight - Rain chords

[F], [Cmaj7], [F], [Cmaj7]
We were [F]talking about our[Cmaj7]lives 
Different [F]people, different [Cmaj7]lies 
We were [F]laughing, we were[Cmaj7]mad 
Itís too [F]late now, go to [Cmaj7]bed 

If to[F]morrow never [Cmaj7]comes 
We have [F]seen it more than [Cmaj7]once 
We were [F]singing in the [Cmaj7]dark 
Youíre a [F]lightning, youíre a [Cmaj7]spark 

[Ami]I rea[D]lize 
It starts [F]raining when she [Cmaj7]cries 
[Ami]I rea[D]lize 
Itís a [F]wonder, wonder, wonder 
in the [Cmaj7] sky [F], [Cmaj7]
[Ami, F, Cmaj7
Ami, Cmaj7, Ami, (F) 
Ami, F, Ami ]

We were [F]sleeping in the [Cmaj7]sea 
You were [F]weeping next to [Cmaj7]me 
We were [F]walking on the [Cmaj7]stones 
Barefoot [F]children leaving [Cmaj7]homes 

Go to [F]bed now, have a [Cmaj7]rest 
I will [F]always do my [Cmaj7]best 
I will [F]listen to my [Cmaj7]heart 
Should have [F]known you from the [Cmaj7]start 

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