Chase Holfelder - Something Real tab version 1

I know you all have been waiting for the whole tab or chords for the song "Something 
Real" but sadly I can only figure out the first part of the song so hopefully that will do 
for now until I can find the tabs/chords for the rest of the song
Forgive me this is my very first tab
Standard Tuning              going from top to bottom
Capo 2 fret

D------------- ------------- ---3--------- -------------------|A---2--------- ---3--------- ---2--------- -------------------|D----0-------- ----0-------- ----0-------- ---0---0-0-----0-0-|G-----0----0-- -----0----0-- -----0----0-- ---2---2-2-----0-0-|B-----3--3---3 -----3--3---3 -----3--3---3 ---3---3-3-----3-3-|E-----3------- -----3------- -----3------- ---3---3-3-----3-3-| down up down up up
Once again its my first tab and I tried my best so yeah hopefully it is good enough :)If you have any questions or if you fix something let me know at
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