Cheap Trick – Aint That A Shame tab

Glen Norman Pavan 
artist:  Cheap Trick
title:  Ain't That a Shame
album:  At Budakan
tuning:  standard
intro:   B consistently with F# at the end of every bar
  you made    me cry    when you said   goodbye ain't that a shame
D---------4------------4--------------------------------------------A-----4-7----7-----4-7---7------------------------4-------------4--E---5------------5-------------------------0--4-7---7----0--4-7---7 my tears fell like rain ain't that
D----------4-------------4---------------------------6-------------6---A------4-7---7-------4-7---7---------------------6-9---9-------6-9-----E----5-------------5---------------------------7-------------7--------- shame you're the one to blame
second verse You broke my heart now we're apart ain't that a shame my tears fell like rain ain't that a shame you're the one to balme third verse: guitar solo fourth verse: so long good bye although I'll cry ain't that a shame My tears fell like rain ain't that a shame you're the one to blame fifth verse: slide guitar solo sixth verse: repeat first verse outro: E E between every embellishing part comments questions to
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