Cheap Trick – Four Letter Word tab

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From: Glen Norman Pavan 

artist:  Cheap Trick
song:  Four Letter Word
album:  One On One
key:  D/b
tuning:  standard  E A D G


     (D) Got a one track mind
     (E) Got a twisted heart
     (A) Need a lesson in (G)love
     (D) I'm right on time
     (E) For tonight's the night
     (A) I need your (G)love

verse (E) Caught in the act had no alibi no (D) Reason why to (C)let you down (B) oh (E) Stabbed in the back, know it hurt I let you (D) Go, will you (C)take me back (B) oh. bridge (E) It's (D) all (G) right to put the (E) blame on me For (E)af (D)ter (A)all, blame it (E) on my last affair (E) It's (D)all (G)right, it takes (E)two to make it love (E) Love (D) can (A) be just a (E ONCE!)four letter word (first time only) a four letter word repeat intro (including tab part) second verse Day turns to night, I was wrong you were right Hope I'm Mr. Hyde, Not doctor J. Sometimes I'm not myself, Must be somebody else To jeoparize your love. What went wrong I'll right. oh. bridge again then, an E major asending scale three times then, intro minus tabbed part the rest is the "live" guitar solo... rhythym part just jams in E major questions, comment, feedback to -I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5 string bass
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