Cheap Trick – Gonna Raise Hell tab

intro:G-----------------------------------------------5---------------|D------------5---------------5----------------5-5---------------|A----5--7-7-----------5--7-7-----------5--7-7---3---------------| repeatE---------------------------------------------------------1/----|
gonna raise hell (4 times) preverse E A E A verse (E) Ambition HA! If all I've (G) heard is true there's nothing much I can do to change the (A) World it's irreversible but in (G) what it lacks it's got a taste that smacks of (A) something irresistible
chorusA--------------------------------------------0--2---3--------3-2-------|E----0---------------------2----3--------------------------------3-2-0-| gonna raise hell gonna raise hell gonna raise hell
repeat chorus preverse second verse Submission? YES! Now I won't name names and a secret's a secret But a hint's a hint or a clue You really wanna know you really wanna go There's only two things you got to do chorus twice bridge (guitar in parenthesis, bass not) 5 times
G--------------3------------4-----------------2---------------2-----|D-------------------------------------------------------------------|A----(3)---3-3-----(2)--2-2-------(2)-----2-2------(0)----0-0-------| mother!
third verse My mission? Ah, yes! Everybody hear? Everybody here It's a fate I all agree Sometimes you win I never lose To me it's no mystery chorus repeated until drum solo bass starts intro when guitar starts, bass plays chorus chorus until fade
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